Grilled cheese (finally) on the go

You never know how long it might take someone to live up to their name...unless of course their name is "60 Minute Man". Smooth move, Bednarik. For a sando operation finally living up to its mobile moniker: The Milk Truck.Rocking grilled cheese lovers' taste buds since its inception as a popup tent at locations like Brooklyn Bridge Park, the sandwich- & shake-smiths are finally ready to stop being such huge liars and roll their flavor across the city, creeping in a 'wich wagon sporting a simple red top and a milk-hued bottom (a butt-er!). Feast your eyes on some of the dairy-fueled goodness:The Mac & Ham & Cheese: Gets its name from a blend of four cheeses (aged Gruyere & cheddar, asiago, fresh mozz) mixed with applewood-smoked ham & creamy bechamel sauce before being topped with housemade bread crumbs. You won't re-Gretel eating it.All Day Breakfast Sandwich: Slices of Balthazar's untraditional, baguette-like Rye Batard are loaded w/ Tello Farms fried eggs, caramelized onions, and aged Gruyere from Wisconsin, which, given how much cheese they eat there, is probably the only thing that's aged.Classic with a Twist: The Gruyere original amped with Blue Ribbon Bakery Jewish Rye, whole grain dijon mustard, and onions pickled in Champagne vinegar, making it appropriate for those who don't like onions to wine when they can't just pop them off.Rounding it out're shakes made from custom-blended small batch ice creams (crushed malt ball, French vanilla..), and, if you want to dip in something less totally fat, soups both tomato and du jour, the favorite of a guy who has to prove it even longer than 60 minutes, Adrian "All du Jour" Peterson.