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NYC's burger paradise makes its long-awaited debut

Ending a year of speculation and many more of straight begging, NYC's "roadside" burger phenomenon Shake Shack's finally landing in CCW this Wed (Add this to My Thrillist so you don't forget!) inside a cube of corrugated steel and glass, a material choice arrived upon after some reflection.All-Angus house-blended deliciousness'll include the super classic Shack Burger (get the double!) and the Shake Stack (a Shack Burger and a 'Shroom Burger... COMBINED), plus they'll do split & griddled all-beef hot dogs (the Frisky's loaded w/ spicy tomato, simmered onion & kraut), and two types of crinkle fries, including a "double cheese", also what Prop Joe says whenever Method Man's all "Hey Joe, how you want your ShackBurger?".Also awesome: $5 pints of Brooklyn Brewery's Shackmeister Ale and three types of dessert separated into a) Shakes, b) Dips (also get the double!), and c) Concretes -- epic Blizzard-like creations that include the Center City Pretzel (vanilla custard, soft pretz, marshmallow sauce, banana) and the Rittenhouse Squared, which mixes chocolate truffle cookie dough & La Colombe coffee, an ingredient choice that likely required some beans.