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Prosciutto-crusted prawns & gas-charged wine in Rittenhouse Sq

Published On 05/10/2012 Published On 05/10/2012

Just now opening in the newly remodeled Latham (the 100yr-old boutique hotel built where William Bucknell's house once stood), Urban Enoteca's doing Boot food in a corner space whose interior descrip reads like Dwight Howard's stat sheet (lots of bricks & glass). Edibles're protein-rich, from seafood (lobster knuckle scampi & prosciutto-crusted white prawns), to chicken (crispy Parmesan wings), to beef (fried rice balls filled w/ the braised kind), plus they've stocked up on imported Italian pasta for mains like a pappardelle farnese w/ braised short rib ragu and a tagliatelle pollo w/ pine nuts, spring peas, and a cream sauce, also what Jack Johnson says whenever G. Love's all "Hey dude, what do you want in your coffee?". While yes, there are four drafts and plenty of cocktails (try the 17th & Walnut: rum, honey, lime & passion fruit), this place is Sidney Crosby-esque in its focus on whine wine, so you'll want to get grape-y with their high-tech, gas-charged Cruvinet machine, which's loaded with 24 taps filled with cork-fresh vinos housed inside temp-controlled glass cases. Once you're fat and happy, you can go back to coaching the Eagles, or end it with desserts like fresh gelato or a cake flight, where you'll get four baked bites including tiramisu, strawberry short, carrot & black forest, which, judging by the insane fried rice & beef concoctions, is probably Magic-al.



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