Food & Drink

That's a lot of food trucks

Stop what you're doing (unless what you're doing is actually beating the jetbikes level on Battletoads, in which case, carry on), then immediately add this to My Thrillist: on Fri, PMFA's hosting the first-ever Brewerytown Food Truck Roundup, one of the greatest mobile-munchie-vendor gatherings in Philly's history, with 15+ set to congregate at 27th & Girard for five full hours of you-feeding.Slated to show are the portable pizza purveyors at Pitruco and Nomad; a gaggle of ethnic street food nom-providers like Foo Truck's Asian, GiGi & Big R's Caribbean, and Tamale Cart; and sandwich masters like Vernalicious, Say Cheese, and Spot Burgers, or what Carrie Bradshaw says whenever Jack's all "Hey Care Bear, what would you call someone who's both spicy and hot?".Way more importantly though, there'll also be a local craft beer station, plus a farmer's market where you can grab good-for-you foodstuffs from Marathon Farms, and a quartet of desserts including Gozen & Zsa's Gourmet Ice Cream, which -- for this event only -- will be incorporating PA-grown peaches, an add that's sure to also give you one of the largest gatherings in Philly's history. In your pants.