Medi-centric food 'n drink with an earth-loving twist

Organic generally means things are healthier, more delicious, and basically impossible to pass the midterms in, which is why you took regular chemistry. Serving up organic eats and not asking you to remember a single thing about mass spectrometry: Fare.The latest project from a group including the guys behind Fairmount Pizza and UCity's Savas, Fare's a boxy eat/drinkery doing Medi-leaning eco-conscious food and drink in a tree-hugging interior anchored by a gleaming white bar (lit with recycled traffic lights), dining tables made from scrapyard-sourced black walnut sapwood, and walls painted/ treated to recall wind, water, earth, and fire -- luckily they ran out of walls before they had to make one for the kid with the monkey. Protein-heavy mains include a grilled beef flank with coriander-red wine potatoes and grilled radicchio; roasted mackerel with avocado and green herb sauce; and a tomato, gin, almond milk-aided roasted pork shoulder, which's like second worst on the dry-humping list, after "screw kneecap". The drinks list's sensibly priced and green as can be, with bottled organic beers like Eel River's Porter and Central Water's "Shine On"; organic liquors and cordials that'll be used for an in-development cocktail program; and a wine list incorporating (surprise!) organics and biodynamics (some served in easily-recyclable Tetra Pak) like a Savanha Steen blanc, plus reds from Plungerhead, also Buckethead's brother who's waaay crappier.Fare's also got a bunch of veggie grub like an asparagus salsa-topped wild mushroom cake, and a stew with artichoke and fava beans, an organic meal that, when paired with a nice Chianti, means that Anthony Hopkins is eating something you learned about in biology.