The Cantina Feliz crew hit the city

Following a strong first showing with an even more dominating second effort is the mark of a champion, and that’s exactly why you're gonna go out there and beat Don Flamenco, and show the world that Glass Joe knockout was no fluke. Right-hooking Philly with a city-based second effort: La Calaca Feliz.

Having pleased critics and citizenry with tacos & tequila at Ft. Washington's Cantina Feliz, this crew of Garces alums enter the city with La Calaca: a plush-boothed, Muertos-muraled rec room in Fairmount where they'll sling tons of agave and twisted Mexican staples, a big box store at which they say “that was easy”, but like, in Spanish, and in a way that scares you. Edibles get started with Hiramasa (w/ four-citrus vinaigrette & orange sorbet) and short rib/chorizo/carnitas Campechano Tlayuda, then move to mains like crab/shrimp Enchilada Con Mariscos, confit-stuffed poblano Duck En Nogada, and a plate of skewered swordfish which, if eaten by the average filmgoer, will be the first time they enjoyed swordfish. Along with drafts like Green Flash's West Coast IPA (plus Mexi-cans/-bottles), and cocktails ranging from the Espolon Blanco/Rhuby/grapefruit bitters Loose Lucy margarita to the Jack/Campari/vanilla Tennessee Jed, there’re also as-low-as-$9 tequila flights, explaining why the black box only recorded sounds of people doing body shots and high-fiving.

Because some losers have New Year’s resolutions to not do a tequila flight every time they eat a taco, Calaca's got non-hooch drinks too, like virgin margaritas and grapefruit Jarritos, plus Mexican Coke, Boing Mango, and all sorts of other soda pop... inski.