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Like '80s rock? This menu Warrants your attention.

Ever wanted to eat something that would make Tawny Kitaen start sensually rubbing against your car? Correction: ever wanted to eat something that would make 1987 Tawny Kitaen start sensually rubbing against your car? Well then get your ass over to Sabrina's (any of 'em) for Hair Metal Brunch, a week-plus ode to all things rock 'n roll 'n the laziest of meals. Ready to check out the four must-orders? Well, you're halfway there:"Kick Start My Heart!" Nachos: Get your (heart-reviving shot of) adrenaline going with this platter of blue corn chips topped with refried beans, portobellos, bacon, roasted peppers & pico de gallo, which's odd as Crue never did salsa."Pour Some Sugar On Me" French Toast: This Def Leppard-quoting French-toasted challah's topped with berry-orange syrup and stuffed with enough cream cheese, strawberries, toasted almonds, and pink lemonade preserves to cause Hysteria."Dream Warrior" Special Breakfast: Though inspired by Dokken's title track for the third Nightmare flick, this is a platter you'll actually want to dream about thanks to corn cakes, applewood-smoked bacon baked in brown sugar, and chive- & cheddar-mixed scrambled eggs topped in caramelized peach bourbon-maple gravy.Bon Jovi's "Runaway" Breakfast Sandwich: Jersey's repped well with this Sarcone's-sourced breaded beast, full of scrambled eggs, bell peppers, caramelized onions, sausage, red pepper mayo, and plenty of mozz, even though a true Jovi sammich would be Livin' on Gruyere.