Even better than Rocket Pops

Fooling around with flavors has produced everything from Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, to bacon chocolate, to truly repulsive mental images of Brigitte Nielsen. For some dudes getting nuts with the ice cream variety, get you some Little Baby's Ice Cream

A smattering of small-batch frozen desserts with awesomely off-beat flavors, LB's the brain-freezing end result of three art- & music-oriented guys working crappy day jobs who needed an outlet and decided to "get creative with ice cream", as if Raekwon didn't already handle that. Out of the gate, tastes that you/everyone will scream for include Bourbon Bourbon Vanilla, made using bourbon-soaked vanilla beans and, because they're swell guys, more bourbon; Earl Grey-Sriracha, which "started off as a prank, but ended up being awesome"; and Red Bean + Rice Krispies -- though if jovial cartoon elves appear, lay off the Bourbon Bourbon Vanilla. Planned future flavors will involve a vegan dessert made with horchata; Coffee Toffee with homemade 'fee and Blue Bottle beans (which they claim is "super rocket fuel caffeinated"); and a green apple garlic sorbet that "leaves you with the great feeling of being both confused and grateful", which also describes pretty much all Deadheads

You can find the guys this Saturday at Colorado Court as they do a test run, and when they launch for reals later this month, they'll do so with a custom-built trike with coolers and a light/ music combo providing "a fully immersive experience", which's also how Flav described getting a hug from Brigitte's crazy Drago arms.