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A cocktail speakeasy + a live music lounge + a Terence Feury = this place

The latest from chef Terence Feury (who's worked at Le Bernardin, the Ritz-Carlton, Striped Bass, and most recently Fork), Tavro Thirteen's a seafood-centric takeover of a 250yr-old Swedesboro Colonial that once housed the Olde Swedes Inn -- which, unlike the Olde Norse Inn, will leave you just the right amount of hammered. The booze-equipped fine dinery's sectioned off into three distinct spaces, including

The Cocktail Speakeasy: Mounted animal heads with bare bulbs in their mouths light a 33ft mirror-backed, Capone-approved bar with craft booze (there's the fig vodka/mint/amaretto Mamoun + nine others), a wine list curated by the chef from Morgan's Pier, and eight drafts like Victory Hop Devil and Yards Love Stout, which you clearly do if you're ordering it

The Dining Room: The grand fireplace-heated, white-tableclothed eating hall gets window-lining tables and high red banquettes that'll host a menu full of locally sourced livestock (rack of pork, prime strip steak, etc.) and seafood freshness like seared scallops w/ caramelized Brussels sprouts and tilefish -- an offering that'll likely have you floored, no grout about it

The Lounge: This live music hang's set up in an old auto showroom with a smooth concrete floor, one overstuffed, gilded velvet sofa, and super crazy light fixtures that look like something Doc Brown put together with just the right amount of hammered-ing.