All-day wood-fired pies from an ex-Continental chef

Backed by three Starr empire vets who've done time at Continental Old City and Pod, District 611's a 120-seat New American Neapolitan pizza joint interior-ed almost entirely with recycled wood pulled from an old barn that Hershel swears doesn't have zombies in it

You gotta see the pizza oven: it's a firebricked, Naples-style dome that was custom made for 611, only uses Oak and Birchwood, reaches temperatures between 800-900 degrees, and's held together with mortar that (natch) has volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius in it

The oven's responsible for a half-dozen pies (all made using hand-kneaded dough), including a double-bubbling ricotta and Parmesan job layered with basil plucked from herb-and-spice-growing flower boxes on the walls, and a tomato sauce that -- like Rip Torn -- has vodka in it

Oh, and there's non-pizza action too, most notably the Branden Burger: a half-pound chuck blend (w/ whiskey-soaked pickles and Tillamook cheddar) that's named after a regiment of German war horses who were probably more runners than Walkers.

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