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Pickled green tomato burgers and kosher 'tails from Mr. Federal Donuts

Definitely the place you want to take Bar Refaeli's younger, hotter sister right after you impress her with your Homeland trivia knowledge (it's a remake of a famous Israeli show!), Citron and Rose's a kosher comfort grill & drinkery in Merion, run by of Israel-born chef-owner-James-Beard-er Michael Solomonov, and featuring 75 seats spread across a white marble bar, a chef's table, and a banquette-lined ebony oak dining room. Get ready for:Two Kitchens: Chef de cuisine Yehuda Sichel's meat and fish kitchens are firing up modern Catskills classics like honey-paprika-glazed bird with chicken-fat-mashed, sour cherry and chocolate chopped liver, rib eyes (for one or two), and duck stew, or what Scott Van Pelt yells to his glass-eyed buddy during ESPN food fights.Manishewitz Mixology: Liquid courage's available in kosher wine, Scotch, or savory 'tail form, including the sweet wine and rye Reb Roy, the cucumber gin and dill Lower East Side, and the vodka, beet and grapefruit Cosmonaut -- just don't have too many or the Bar's going to have to step away from you.