Food & Drink

Blazed pork, booths you climb, and an ever-changing menu

Not just what Masi Oka cried into after Heroes was canceled, Hiro Ramen's also a blond-wooded Center City noodle bar hidden behind a sign-less storefront on Chestnut, and manned by a Chinese dude who's done time at all of the big noodle shops in town, including Ramen Boy

Ladling goes down three ways: in a pork belly bowl with staples like fistfuls of broth-fattened noodles topped with torched-to-order belly, marinated egg, chili paste, and a house soy sauce; in a veggie bowl spruced with cabbage, corn, and nori; or in a Hiro bowl, which gets updated bi-weekly, meaning you could get a $5 pho or a $30-er with lobster stock, or what you totally wish you bought prior to the mid 19th-century Lobster Boom

If don't want to watch the bubble-and-broil behind the counter, you can sink into the pendant-lit back dining room, which features two massive platform-elevated climb-in booths requiring you to step up, not unlike a... hero.