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Read this, then save Thanksgiving

You only had two jobs this Thanksgiving: 1) learn to origami dinner napkins into looking like endangered Whooping Cranes, and 2) show up tomorrow with dessert. Now, every pre-order deadline's passed and you're totally screwed, except you're not because Thrillist just sniffed out Philly's three best today-only, cash-and-carry pies

Magpie's Chocolate Cinnamon Coffee Pecan Custard: Magpie's fudgy, fragrant-spiced nut pie's made with everything you keep in that one drawer in your kitchen that also has batteries, and twisty ties, and drink umbrellas, and Chinese food menus, and electrical tape

From 11a; 1622 South St; South Street; 267.519.290

MANNA's Sky Pie: A 10" vanilla cheesecake pie layered with every Wizards fan's favorite kind of nuts (so... not Okafor-nuts?), then drizzled with caramel and dark chocolate, this year's signature sweet at the annual Pie In The Sky fundraiser's also for sale at the Bellevue and 30th St Station, with proceeds helping to feed 2000 hungry Philadelphians

11a-2p; 2323 Ranstead St; Center City Wes

Sugar Hook's Double Crusted Caramel Apple: Custom baker Emma Stohrer's Fishtown confectionery won't be open 'til after New Year's unless of course it's RIGHT NOW and it IS open and she's selling double-cream-cheese-crusted caramel apple pies (that use eight whole apples each) 'til she runs out

10a-7p; 308 East Girard Ave; Fishtown; 215.739.9210