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17 sausages, bacon-wrapped meatloaf, and fried bologna sandwiches

If there's one thing Germans and Philadelphians have in common, it's that they can be total jerks when they're backing the same cause. But if there's another, it's liking German food. Helping to sate that second commonality: the glorious bastards behind Wursthaus Schmitz, a white-tiled, mega-stall inside Reading Terminal Market from the dudes behind Brauhaus Schmitz. It's half-market/half-grill meaning you can score stuff...From The Grill!: Made-to-order sausage jawns include the fried bologna and melted Munster Lyoner, a stewed cabbage & tomato-smothered Kielbasa Polish Brat, and the Bavarian: a fried onion and coleslaw-covered Bauernwurst, or how Germans describe the last season of 24.From The Market!: There's ready-to-go, reheat-able cold weather eats like bacon-wrapped beef/pork/mushroom Black Forest meatloaf, roasted chicken in Riesling wine sauce, and three kinds of schnitzel. There're also two cold cases packed with a dozen imports like Canadian bacon and Hungarian salami, potato pancakes & dumplings, and 17 fresh sausages, from bacon knackwurst, to wild boar, to Weisswurst -- enough glorious options that trying to organize your shopping will have everyone in line calling you a jerk.