Food & Drink

Old Bay everything

Now that Omar's gone and B'more's purest product's flowing up to Philly again, sate your crab jones 15 ways at Craft & Claw, open now in the old Mad City spot from ex-Anastasi Seafood chef/fresh-fish connect Nick Fabian, and Charm City bar-eats kingpin Max Tucker, who thankfully won't be reading you stories about hooking up with/insulting girls at his new spot. The tufted leather walls are slinging

Bites: Get crab-apps (cr-apps? Wait, no.) running from bacon blue crab mac & two-cheeses, to horseradish and mustard hot crab dip, to wasabi-dippable fried blue crab fingers

Buckets: Whether you like the good stuff raw, drenched in butter, rubbed in Old Bay, or simmered in a ginger scallion broth, break legs of Alaskan Snows, Kings, and NW Dungenesses by the pound, then come back for unlimited re-ups twice weekly on all-you-can-eat snow-crab-and-steak-frites Mondays and bottomless blue crab Wednesdays (note: you're not really supposed to eat the bottoms anyway)

Brews: You're highly encouraged to hit bottom, though, so drink greedily from an all-domestic 40+ craft beer list (strong on Yards, Victory, and Dogfish), or what Jimmy McNulty drank on seasons 1, 2, 4, and 5.