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A Market St classic gets an extra meaty makeover

Relaunched by a chef who did time at one of the James Beard-iest, Michelin-star-iest restaurants in NYC, the new-and-improved Fork's got a woods-ily revamped dining room (w/ metal-rimmed tables, and abstract, autumn-hued murals painted by one of the waiters), a tastily revamped menu, and an even tastily-er revamped off-menu: every night they'll have a whole animal (e.g. fish, game, fowl, pork, lamb, that dude from the Muppets) that you can split with your date. Don't have a date? Opt for one of these on-the-menu dishes for one:Crispy Chicken Nuggets: These nuggy wonders're served with spicy mustard and agrodolce, a sweet and sour Italian sauce that translates pretty literally: dolce means "sweet", and agro means "someone who's an a-hole for no reason".Ravioli Carbonara: Like normal raviolis, except stuffed with pork jowl and pecorino. So actually, not at all like normal raviolis.Peking Duck: It's whole-roasted and honey-caramelized, plus they add Szechuan pepper to ensure only a real Animal would order it.