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Like the dessert... if it were a Roman-Jewish restaurant

There's money to be made in recycling, just ask the guy digging through your trash... or Nickelback when they're digging through Nirvana's trash. Now recycling what they can out of the restaurant industry: TiraMisu, now open.Reusing the Roman-Jewish menu concept from their original Berwyn location, plus an elegant crystal chandelier-ed interior from the departed Il Portico, 'Misu's a Rittenhouse Square addition that's new-but-familiar-in-a-Sebastian-and-that-sexy-dude-Cesario-sorta-way. And we know what you're wondering: "Oh my God, is that Cesario dude not actually a dude at all and instead Sebastian's twin sister dressed as a man?!?", and also "what exactly do Roman-Jewish menu highlights look like?" Regarding the latter: Pezzetti Fritti (deeply fried broccoli, mushrooms & artichokes), Matzagna (matza lasagna w/ bechamel), and a barolo wine-soaked rack of lamb w/ porcini 'shrooms. Regarding the former: Yes!!TiraMisu's also got you covered on the boozing front with plenty of Boot reds and whites, plus a fully stocked bar that'll focus on the classics, making them Something (you'll want) In Your Mouth.