Food & Drink

Bacon cream cheese French toast burgers (!) and lotsa ways to wash them down

An all-day, 60-seat ode to hardcore diner food, Bainbridge St Barrel House's not only a place you'd want to go after a night of plentiful drinking, but also a place you'd want to go for a night of plentiful drinking, with 100+ beers and plenty of bay windows on both sides so you can take in the Bella Vista scenery/keep an eye on your car

Now about those beers... Bainbridge's owner's the mug behind the Bella Vista Beer distributorship, so expect bottles spanning PA to NZ, plus 24 really cool drafts like a nitro Sly Fox O'Reilly's Stout and a hand-pumped Boulder Mojo IPA served at cellar temp. Also important... to Rip Torn: breakfast-time-to-2a whiskey 'tails, including an apple-spice rye toddy

Oh, and about that diner food... There's a bacon cream cheese French toast burger from an ex-Happy Rooster chef that comes slathered in bourbon syrup. And one more time for the people in back: THERE'S A BACON CREAM CHEESE FRENCH TOAST BURGER THAT COMES SLATHERED IN BOURBON SYRUP

And one more ellipses-finishing sentence for good measure... Like any good diner-leaner, they're doing brunch too, from waffles stacked with honey-glazed fried chicken, to seven kinds of loaded fries including one with griddled egg poutine and another that's "whiz-soaked", aka the one place you probably don't want to go after a night of plentiful drinking.