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Where to get a waffle stuffed with a Thanksgiving side in South Philly

Combining "what Zack regularly day-dreamed he was doing to Kelly on top of Mr. Belding's desk" with "your favorite breakfast item", the Stuffing Waffle from Chhaya Cafe is just what it sounds like: a waffle filled with stuffing. Here's how it comes together

The Waffle Press: Procured by the owner's Belgian sister-in-law -- who actually went back Brussels to see how legit vendors cook up chewy, sweet Lieges -- the massive, can't-buy-in-the-US-unless-you-know-a-guy-who-knows-a-guy Krampouz cast iron weighs more than 100lbs, is 17" deep, cooks two waffles at a time, and takes 45mins to oil down before use

The Waffles: You get two of them, and they're both stuffed (!) with high-end stuffing ingredients like Italian fennel sausage, apples, sage, onions, celery, and shreds of day-old Artisan Boulangerie bread

The Toppings: An entire turkey dinner. No really, the waffle's topped with thyme-rubbed Italian Market turkey breast soaked in pan drippings and white wine gravy, then topped with cranberry sauce so good it'll make you Screech.