Food & Drink

A 10000lb robot that sells you condoms

Now open in South Philly, Shop24's a shipping container-sized, fully refrigerated vending machine open 24/7 and stocked with basically an entire Quik-E-Mart's worth of necessities, all entirely dispensed by a robot that didn't save the Winter Olympics

Here's how it works: you choose up to seven items at a time (let's say... Pringles, condoms, White Castle cheeseburgers, condoms, fried chicken sandwiches, DiGiorno pizzas, annnnnnd condoms), enter their code into a keypad (just like a normal vending machine), then pay with cash or credit or Dave & Busters dollars, and grab your items from a little drawer at the bottom. The mega-fridge's fully stocked with 200+ options, including non-food/condom stuff like batteries, mouthwash, detergent, and even 1lb bricks of coffee

Oh, and they're constantly testing out new products, which you can actually suggest on their website and they'll hook you up with 64 electoral votes a $5 gift card.