Maple bacon robot-glazed 'nuts, and coffee-fried chicken on Sansom

There are probably exactly 74 types of federal buildings you can line up to get inside, but only one you actually want to line up to get inside: the DMV. Okay, okay, two you want to line up to get inside: the DMV and Federal Donuts Center City, the second location from the lauded South Philly donut & chicken fry shop, opening today at 7a

Like the original 2nd St location, this one's got counter seating (seven custom school desk-style ones in the main, and four more at the window) and the custom three-nation blend of Kansas's PT Coffee brewing, but unlike the OG, the types of fried chicken/donuts're totally new and totally amazing-er. Here's a preview

Chicken: Half birds, whole birds, and wings by the dozen all come Korean-style, so expect them to be dry-cured and double-fried, before taking a toss in Passionfruit Teriyaki, Dill Pickle glaze, or custom seasonings like Federal Blend and Shabazzi, which mixes green chile, dried fennel, and sumac, or how Carlos Ruiz refers to your computer

Donuts: Fresh-fried cake-rings are done inside a robot fryer that does all the work, then coated in flavored sugars like Turkish Mocha, Strawberry-Fennel, and Vanilla Spice, or topped in a mix like Mint Chocolate Cookie, Maple Bacon, or PB&J so spicy you should need a license to order it.