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Pure Fare

Improving stuff through science and tech is a mixed bag: on the one hand, it's the only way you're going to make that dinosaur theme park or cure Alzheimer's with sharks; on the other, Sam Jackson's getting eaten either way. Improving the healthy non-Jackson food scene with a heady dose of science and technology, Pure Fare.Pure's a rustic panoramic space serving calorie-smart noms prepped to ensure both nutrition and deliciousness (thanks to a Columbia U nutritional scientist) trackable on their custom-built website should you want to better your lifestyle, but not better your Lifestyles, which would just be not wearing one. The menu, with no dish ever crossing 500cals, includes a laundry list of international salads, sammies like a tuna romesco stuffed with albacore, and main offerings of a baked salmon plate with cucumber dill yogurt sauce and even a flat iron steak with shiitake mushrooms and a Thai peanut sauce, which Bear Bryant calls "kissing your sister peanut sauce". On the tracking end, hit (or download their to-come app) to enter your vitals and weight goals, and you'll get a daily cal count and recommended protein/carb/fat percentage; every dish you get at PF's auto-deducted from your cal allotment, and there're 40,000 market/resto foods for you to enter manually as you follow your progress week-over-week, also the headline when Screech Celebrity-Boxed the Welcome Back Kotter dude.On the thirst-quenching side, PF's the first Philly outlet for San Fran's Blue Bottle Coffee, and they're also doing up smoothies like carrot/ pineapple/ OJ and one slushing dairy with dates, which Sam Jackson won't be going on, unless his shark/dinosaur has also eaten a girl.