Food & Drink

Butterfly larvae mezcal and fried python this Saturday

Because you've always wanted to go on Fear Factor but never wanted to have to be in the same room as Joe Rogan, hit Drexel's Academy of Natural Sciences this Saturday, when they'll be laying out a hall-to-hall Halloween buffet mimicking the most extreme edibles in the museum's 18-million-critter-and-creature collection (plus unlimited booze)

What you'll eat: Drexel chef and culinary student-prepped buggy dips, fried python (w/ mango-persimmon salsa!), raw eel, snail pasta, pickled pig ears (from Susanna Foo Gourmet Kitchen), braised cow cheek, ground buffalo, fungi, gelatos like vinegar cricket-studded sea salt and bugged out marshmallow, and tree resin cake, which uses a real Turkish recipe

What you'll drink so you can eat those: Two full bars (one in the Dinosaur Hall, and another next to the "extreme sushi" station) will pour unlimited beer, wine, and scientific 'tails that're named after famous paleontologists (like the Rum and Cope, Pink Leidy, and Specimanhattan), and'll utilize crazypants ingredients like butterfly larvae-drowned mezcals -- have too much and you might just make an exhibition of yourself.