Stephen Starr's steakhouse's serious new sampler

Ever wanted to eat so much steak you started looking like a steakhouse? Well then it's time you checked out Barclay Prime's Steak Flight, a new, cooked-to-temp sampler with not one, not two, but three (!) slabs of primo beef. So, what exactly do you get? Glad you asked:Steak 1: a USDA Prime 5oz NY Strip from LaFrieda, which'll be dry-aged for close to a month, leaving it super tender, and ready for Otis Redding to try.Steak 2: another 5oz slab of that LaFrieda NY Strip, but like the Pistons from 1988-1990, they take the air out, using a vac-bag to increase the steak's moistness and get it ready to eat faster than the dry-aging process.Steak 3: a slab of K+K Australian-sourced NY Strip from Wagyu cattle (rated 10 grade) that produce a genetically superior meat that actually doesn't need to age to be "tender, beefy, and juicy" -- also how you'll end up if you decide to eat not four, not five, not six, but seven of these flights.