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Bacon-gruyere quiche and mousse shooters from a Le Bec vet

Not just what the French call 5-foot-10 Dolphins wideout Davone Bess, La Petite Dauphine's a new, Marie Antoinette-referencing Strongbox replacement that looks like you'd imagine a Franco breakfast nook would: 20ft ceilings, Old World architecture, and plenty of bright, gleaming white flags

The menu's extra-Frenchy and put together by an impressively résuméd (Le Bec, Jean-Georges) France native who's doing 'til-11a breakfast-awesome like the La Dauphine, which comes with coffee, fresh-squeezed citrus, locally baked bread (think choco croissant), honey country toast, and either eggs benedict or lemon-creme-blini-saddled smoked salmon (wild!), and all-day-awesome like a bacon-gruyere-caramelized onions quiche and a crepe stuffed with roasted peppers, mozz, tomato, asparagus, and basil chiffonade. Cooler still, they'll have two food carts to push through the dining room: a cheese wheeler full of well-curated jawns like a 6yr-aged gouda, cloth-wrapped cheddar from Cabot, and the pungent, semi-soft Ardrahan (pairable with everything from strawberries to truffle honey), and a dessert buggy packed with tarts, chocolate parisiennes (think: macaroons), and a trio of mousse shooters, aka Sarah Palins

When LPD's dinner launches "later this Summer" (so... Add this to My Thrillist), it'll consist of a series of immersion meals, where Franco chefs fly over here, cook a dinner, and discuss the ins and outs of traveling to France, an experience you'd be stupid not to surrender to.