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Cheeseburger Nachos come to Rittenhouse

Philadelphia has been home to countless historical moments, but only two that anyone'll really ever remember: the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776, and the debut of Cheeseburger Nachos in 2012. Opening today in Rittenhouse, Pure Tacos is the starkly decorated Ocean City Boardwalk transplant responsible for the latter.This high-end Mex-staurant works like so: you ask them to give you the Cheeseburger Nachos, they say "you'll have to earn them first", and then make you choose between soft corn tortillas, chips, or salad greens. You choose salad greens, then laugh hysterically, and say "no really, chips", then peruse their "standard" nacho-topping combos, pretending to be interested in achiote-marinated chicken w/ citrus guac, and chicken w/ bacon & buttermilk ranch, before finally being all "I guess I'll have the one with spiced beef, shredded cheddar, and ketchup 'n mustard. That's the Cheeseburger, right?". Supposing you get tired of Cheeseburger Nachos -- not possible, but since this story would be really short otherwise, read on -- there're "premium" nacho-toppers too, like a pan-seared tilapia in orange-chili glaze, BBQ pork shoulder w/ housemade corn salsa, and chipotle beef brisket w/ pickled jalapeños.Once your nachos con cheeseburger arrive, you'll finish things off with one of their salsas, which count the peach/habanero/garlic "naranja", or the tomato- & chipotle-based "rojo" -- spread it all over your coat and you'll be on the verge of another historic Philly moment: that time you ate Cheeseburger Nachos (!!) and spilled red salsa on your coat, in 2012.