Food & Drink

A resto, in a nightclub, with Kool-Aid drinks & cheesesteak soup

Open from 10p-2a, The Restaurant at Industry XIX is... open from 10p-2a??? What is this, some sorta restaurant inside a nightclub or something?? Actually yeah, that's exactly what it is, a swanky retreat tucked underneath Rittenhouse Square's resident ooncery, with backlit walls that mix wood and leather planks, a stone-tiled DJ booth, and high-walled-for-privacy booths with light-up tables. So, what exactly do you eat/drink from 10p-2a? Glad you asked:What you'll eat: There're deviled eggs stuffed w/ grilled shrimp and Angus beef, blackened catfish w/ peach slaw sliders, tequila- & citrus-glazed grilled salmon, and a you-can't-be-serious Ultimate Philly Cheesesteak Soup stirring ribeye, chipotle-tomato confit, and mustard aioli in a carved pretzel roll bowl that thankfully won't leave your stomach in knots. Don Knotts! Because you'll be laughing so hard about the fact that you're drinking a cheesesteak.What you'll drink: There's a Southern tinge to the sippables including a set of boozed-and-unboozed tea drinks like a tea-bagged Kool-Aid, a Half & Half mixing sweet tea vodka & actual sweet tea, and a more-of-that-vodka-using Fuzzy Peach Iced Tea that's so peachy -- schnapps, flavored Ciroc, actual fruit -- Bowser's already hoping he'll be tucked underneath it.