Food & Drink

Pig-stuffed biscuits and pastrami-fried chicken, weekly on South St

One thing you could do this Monday through Thursday night: debate the relative upsides of Bilal Powell or Ronnie Hillman. One thing you should do this Monday through Thursday night (and every Monday through Thursday thereafter): head to South St's Supper for a nightly changing bargain dinner special. And since Monday's special is "mostly meatless", we ignored it completely in the following preview

Fried Chicken Tuesdays: Grab Food & Wine fave pastrami-fried chicken for two, which's cured, brined, smoked, dredged, battered, and confit...ed, before being sided with biscuits and pickles

Scratch Biscuit Wednesdays: Supper's $10 curried-pork-rind-and-pork-belly-stuffed "Pigscuit" (pictured) also comes with a can of Sixpoint's Righteous Rye, too delicious to last through the photo shoot

Thursday Blue Plates: This dry-aged sirloin Blue Plate's smothered in Sloppy Joe sauce and duet-ed with a fried mashed potato croquette that, unlike Hillman and Powell, will give you some additional backside.