Food & Drink

The greatest combo since up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A-select-start

Combining two awesome things into one can produce some pretty amazing hybrid products. Or gray Play-Doh. Or Barra (!), a super restaurant from the Birra crew taking over the old Azione and Rocchino's spaces, and stuffing them with a heady list of coal-fired goodies, superb cocktails, and a nightclub on the weekends.Foods, while pulling a few pie recipes from little brother Birra, are exclusive to Old City and super protein-y: there's the Italian Market pizza (Fiorella's sausage & Abruzzese pepperoni), a half-chicken prepped Toscano style w/ wilted broccoli rabe, and prawn scampi in "caper butter", or what Frank and Joe Hardy pour on their popcorn. On drinking, there's international craft love in the way of a half-dozen bottles and 10 taps, fermented grapes galore, and a scratch cocktail list that includes the Diavolo (rum, pepperoncini jam, lime, OJ), and the vanilla vodka/Frangelico/espresso/cream Tiramisu, which you'll want to grab with something sturdier than Lady Fingers.Starting Thurs nights, Barra'll turn the old Azione side into a three-day-only nightclub, where they'll bring in a rotation of DJs -- so, expect this place to be a Fun Factory in no time.