Food & Drink

100 bourbons, one-pound steaks, and you can smoke

Keeping you fat and happy in Old City, Reserve's a steakhouse set in a massive estate outfitted with enough dark woods and leather that it'll remind you of an old explorers club, an atmosphere not diminished by its elusive bourbons and choice smokes -- specifically cigars, so don't presume you'll find Dr. Livingstoner. Let's explore

The Dining RoomArmed with leather chairs and tall ceilings, the dining room offers plenty of saltwater eats (thanks to an oyster- & chilled lobster-filled raw bar), plus massive, reason-you-came-here proteins like a 10oz LaFrieda-sourced Black Angus NY strip, a 1lb Buckhead Angus porterhouse, and a 12oz Delmonico rib eye that's been aged 28 days, only to awaken full of rage, and hungry for… other steaks… which is good, 'cause there are a lot of them here

The BarFor drinks, park it in one of their high-backed stools, lean against the massive copper-topped bar and order up a bacon-infused shot of bourbon, then grab a cocktail like the Honey Jack and peach schnapps Aunt Judy; the vodka/Chambord/lemonade Deuce; or a Pinnacle Whipped vodka-fronting Old City Dude, which's served in a v-neck, whilst fist-pumping

Bourbon HeavenUp a set of spiral stairs, this combo of low banquettes and chocolate cowhide loungers is smoking-approved, meaning you can puff on a rare, box-pressed Padron 1964 Torpedo or a Dominican-blended Arturo Fuente Hemingway while sampling from their 100+ bourbons, including aged jawns like a 16yr from Black Maple Hill and an 18yr Jefferson's Presidential Select, along with limited small batches from Four Roses and Bourye, a wild bourbon/rye hybrid from High West, a distillery who clearly did find Livingstoner.