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Old City, now sushi-ier

Not just what you merrily do in your boat, Roe's also a new suuuuper high-end, 20-seat Thai-anese (Thai + Japanese!) restaurant on Chestnut that looks sorta like the spaceship in the "Scream" music vid (read: white leather banquettes & polished tables. Don't read: Twilight -- seriously, that book is terrible.).The Japa-hai (Japanese + Thai!) menu's long enough to make you wish some handsome, big-handed email newsletter'd break down the must-gets. Speaking of which: the Three Kindo (stuffed fried dumplings with ricotta cheese, crab, and veggies), the Heaven Cups (essentially Thai-style lettuce cups, with extra heaven), the Kiss of Fire roll (spicy shrimp & jalapeno topped with tuna, red pepper vinaigrette sauce, and caviar), and the Pineapple Fried Rice, in which namesake chunks are mixed with onions, raisins, cashews & veggies in half a hollowed-out pineapple, aka all Mrs. SquarePants got in the divorce.There's also a four-stool'd sushi bar where you can watch them do their thing while enjoying BYO-ed Tequizas -- enough of which'll get you gently streaming in no time.