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The Farm & Fisherman

Husband and wife working together can be problematic; they're what gave us Weekends With Connie and Maury, and they turned one half of the world's greatest songwriting duo into a band named Wings and a vegetarian food brand without any. Hoping their professional union bucks the trend, the cooking couple behind The Farm & Fisherman

F&F's a narrow, sun-streaked, 30-seat BYO from a Drexel-schooled hubby 'n wife chef team, decked out in cappuccino-colored walls with dark damask accents and walnut floors dotted with white linen-topped tables, and doling out a slew of local farm-/boat-to-table dishes which provide "snapshots of the seasons here in the Delaware Valley" -- awesome, since pictures of falls are always hilarious. Start with a confit of bluefish with yogurt and French fingerlings plus a grilled pork belly with Jersey lettuce hearts and guanciale, then move on to roasted celery hearts with cracked rice grits or a bloody beet steak with red amaranth, shallots, and pan drippings, also what made him the Greek god of fertility. For mains, it's dishes like a ribeye prepped with crispy potatoes and oxtails, a Pennsylvania lamb sirloin with locally produced feta, orecchiette, and Swiss chard, and a New Jersey Croaker with clams, lemon basil, and red-eyed peas, or the best explanation yet for their dismal halftime show

As they're actually buying entire pigs/other seasonally available meat-givers, proteins'll change daily depending on where the two-man kitchen is in the butchering, which Linda only does with the lyrics to "Hey Jude".