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10 styles of noodles and bao-bun'd burgers

The old saying like father, like son is generally applicable, unless of course you end up disliking both of them. Luckily, there's a strong chance you'll like Ramen Bar, the lofty stool-and-banquette-filled debut from the son of the father behind the old Thai Garden.Starters include octopus balls drizzled with okonomiyaki sauce & mayo, and the R.B. Burger (actually steamed bao buns full of marinated chashu pork & spicy sauce), while rice bowls get loaded with deep-fried pork cutlet w/ curry sauce (katsu kare), broiled eel (unadon), and marinated pork belly (chashu-don... which they will also do if you try to leave without paying, and your namke is Don.) Ramen includes pork-boned tonkotsu, miso, and soy-pork shoyu, which can get stepped up with add-ons including marinated boiled eggs, marinated pork slices, fish cakes, and spicy paste, a delicacy also enjoyed by Mexican kindergarteners. Three fun facts: 1) You can order "zenbu no-se", which'll get you a bowl of Tonkotsu with all those add-ons thrown in, 2) if you have extra broth left, you can order "kae-dama", which'll get you a second order of noodles for $2, and 3) the youngest pope was 11 years old. Since they're waiting on their liquor license, there's no cocktail menu yet, but rest assured you can soon go and get a sake bomb, which're generally liked by sons more than fathers, who have to deal with those sons when they come home at 3a even though they live in Wayne Junction now.