Food & Drink

Bacon-smothered Nathan's dogs, French bread pizza, and Cordon Bleu burgers

From the griddlers behind Mike's Steaks, Del Rossi's Cheesesteak Co is a no-frills hoagie joint in NoLibs, offering 'til-2a alcohol-soaker-uppers a couple doors down from Finnegans Wake, including totally normal eats like pepperoni pizza burgers and pepperoni burger pies. They've got 100+ under-$10 options, which is gonna make ordering at 1a difficult, so... after you finish typing in giRl wiTh THe fACe's phone number, just pull this up on your mobile device, and hand it to the dude at the register

Gimme a... Bacon Dog Covered With Bacon. Like Adelaide in the musical Guys and Dolls, I'm always down for a Nathan's 10-incher

And I'll also have one of those... Cordon Bleu Burgers, which I imagine is what you'd get if Cordon Bleu spurned Chicken for a night of passion with Ground Beef

Then, just throw in some... Phily Style French Bread Pizza. Wait, it has 34 possible toppings? Well, which toppings do you think I want

Oh, and if "giRl wiTh THe fACe" looks hungry to you... I'll have two Del Rossi Double Burgers. Right, the ones with the double patties for just $2.50 extra. No, I have no idea what her name is.