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Stephen Starr puts his spin on fish

Named for New England's primary highway, Route 6 is Stephen Starr's homage to the blissfully accented region's seafood houses: a skylit, whitewashed loft situated in an old car dealership and hosting a brick/hardwood liquor bar, a low-slung raw bar surrounding a massive open kitchen, and dual dining rooms with terry-backed booths and white & wicker chairs, which unlike Wicker Man chairs, will be filled by actually satisfied people

The Food: Sea eats, prepped by a chef so devoted to seafood he's tatted up in langoustines, run the Eastern seaboard and include starters like fried clams w/ house tartar sauce & johnny cakes with maple-bourbon butter, seasonal raw stuff like Cape May Salt (NJ) and Sunberry Point (PEI) oysters, and mains ranging from traditional Maine-style lobster rolls, to wood oven-roasted black bass w/ garlic-braised escarole, to a white oak-grilled bluefish (redfish, onefish, and twofish still on backorder)

Drinks: Because a sober New Englander is a New Englander that exists only in magical fairy tales, you can get fueled by 20 craft bottles and six drafts (the highlight: their custom brewed-by-NH's-White Birch Route 6 Ale, an unfiltered rye), 40 bottles of vino, and cocktails like the Stoli/cranberry ginger compote Cape Codder and the Woodford/ maple/ lime/ ginger beer Nor' Easter, named for New England’s primary way to get Marky Mark and Clooney into movies about boats that might as well have been made of wicker.

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