It's <em>Top Chef</em> time

Joining Henry Ford and Clara P. Orgasm as "inventors who've had awesome things named after them", Top Chef champ Kevin Sbraga just opened this eponymous joint, his inaugural post-victory project offering a predominantly prix fixe global menu in an interior full of repurposed fir-planked walls, low-slung leather and tweed banquettes, and vintage-look Edison-style lighting, and anybody who's seen his three-piece knows dude had style to burn.

Initial offerings for the four-coursers will include starters like foie gras soup with rose petal relish, a creamy gorgonzola and pomegranate frisee, and eggplant terrine with jalapenos and black garlic, which is actually the only way to kill Blade.

The big course'll include protein options like black cod with bok choy and kimchi, chicken in sauteed Brussels sprouts and candied sweet potatoes, lamb with sesame granola, and meatloaf hit with royal trumpet 'shrooms, mashed potatoes, and bacon marmalade, also a Carnie Wilson re-tooling of the original "Lady" version.

To help wean you off Boone’s Farm Blue Hawaiian, Sbraga's got a cocktail program that's awaiting a liquor license, while desserts crafted by the lovely Mrs. Sbraga include mascarpone mousse with coffee granita, plus apples in caramel and mille-feuille, an awesome thing presumably named after its creator, the dude from Milli Vanilli. (He didn’t really make it, it just looks like he did.)