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Pizza worth wandering the earth for

After hitting the Hopewell Valley harder than the Lindbergh trial -- and doing so with far fewer old-timey, fast-talking reporters/way more pizzas -- the pie-tossers at Nomad headed to South Philly to stuff the old Horizons spot full of reclaimed woods, shop-class fixtures, and one heckuva metallic, onion-domed, wood-fired oven to create a sort of rustic Wonka factory, whose wares you will want now.The Pizzas: Super-fine grain is used for a dough that rests/ferments for up to five days before being baked into a perfect thin crust suitable for classics like the San Marzano-topped Margherita, crazy jobs such as Cherry Grove Toma cheese & shiitake, and upticked delivery staples like the Bufala mozz/aged Parm/Gran Cru/Caciocavallo Quattro Formaggi, also available for take-Audi.The Drink: If you like your grapes as fermented as your grain, there'll be a selection of reds & whites, but the focus is on a beer list featuring 12 taps (Anchor Liberty, Dominion Oak Barrel Stout, and Rogue Dead Guy), cans of Dale's Pale Ale, and bottles of Moretti La Rossa and Chimay Red, which's powerful enough to make anyone's Willy Wonky.