Food & Drink

Suckling. Pig. Croquettes.

Sexily named after your Nana's long-time bridge partner, The Mildred's an opening-tomorrow 120-seater set up inside the old James spot -- a now-barn-y space (lots of wood, natural light, a giant purple dinosaur) that'll be overseen by a well-traveled chef (Talula's Garden, DC's Blue Duck Tavern) who'll offer up Brit-inspired American plates that use French techniques, which surprisingly aren't just platters of fish & chips that disappear when they see German food

The wow-this-sounds-good menu includes stuff like ricotta gnudi in parm creme; housemade bratwurst w/ charred onions & grapes; double cream sauce'd black cod served with verbena & chanterelles; and house-prepped taglioni washed in bacon, beer & cockles, because no one likes a dirty cockle. And because a recent Inquirer expose found that Philadelphians think alcohol is "pretty wonderful", you'll be able to test that theory at a 46-seat blounge (bar + lounge!) with a 60-bottle wine list, a half-dozen tap beers, and a classic cocktail menu, plus soon-to-come bar-only noms like escargot pot pie and suckling pig croquettes

The booze'll carry over to dessert in a stout cake topped w/ Baileys ice cream & Guinness-infused choco sauce, which you'll gladly help disappear when you see, um, it.