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Whoa, this place's chef is pretty famous

From a chef who somehow escaped Levittown, well, the nice part of Levittown, (yes, there's a nice part!) to work at some of the best restos nationally (Alinea, French Laundry) and locally (Blackfish, Pumpkin, Lacroix) comes Will BYOB, a cozy, 30-seat French fine dine-ery, opening tonight in East Passyunk

The menu'll be short and sweet (err... savory?) with just five apps & five entrees: the former counting pork belly w/ purple mustard and a sweet corn soup full of king crab & shishito peppers, and the latter including Wagyu sirloin w/ potato fondant & red wine béarnaise, king salmon w/ lobster emulsion, and a Manila clam-accompanied Rhode Island skate, or one of the more long, boring challenges in Truth or Dare

Allergic to all of those things and especially pork belly with purple mustard? Of course you are, which's why you should check out their coming-soon, pork-belly-with-purple-mustard-free Tues night dinner that focuses on one special ingredient, Iron Chef-style, or their starting-immediately Sun night four-course $40 prix fixe -- a meal so good you won't want to Lev any of it on your plate. Town!