Food & Drink

Philly's prodigal son returns, with short rib burgers and an old school bar

Located next to Pennsylvania Railroad and Community Chest... or Suburban Square... The Saint James is a new oak- and leather-filled American bistro-cum-bar from finally-back-in-the-kitchen Michael Schulson (Sampan, Izakaya) and the dude behind Rittenhouse's Rouge. You're probably going to want to check out..

The Bar: Because for all you know it's one of the Commandments, thou shalt drink at a pre-Prohibition-inspired 20ft bar and pouring craft beers/cocktails (try the filthy 'tini), plus plating snack-age like franks and blankets, flatbread 'zas, and raw oysters

The Dining Room(s): Grab a window booth in this skylight-ed 120-seater's two white brick-and-tile dining rooms for under-$25 lunch-to-midnight bistro staples like buttery tri-tips and marmalade'd roast chicken, or too-good-to-share sammies like fried chicken, short rib burgers, and a prov'n'kale-piled roast pork -- which'll go great with one of those cocktails. Or if you just got out of jail free, but're still on probation, Water Works