Gentlemanly meat snacks

Just launched by a Philly-based construction manager hoping to drill... no... blowtorch... no... cement (!) himself in Brotherly Love snacking lore, Side Project Jerky is billed as a "Jerky for Gentlemen", with three small-batch, gentlemanly flavors of dehydrated beefy goodness, including:Original: What started as a quest to reproduce a cheesesteak eventually became a mild-flavored jerky that comes with just a hint of cheese -- so expect Slim Charles to kill a bag of this stuff.Mongolian: Named after the greatest beef-making/world-conquering empire in history, this vac-packed bundle showcases the best of East Asian BBQ with a delicate balance of garlic, ginger & sesame.Southwestern: Using green chiles provided by his New Mexico-dwelling parents, these baddies're lacquered with a roasted chile/soy mix (prior to drying) to keep the heat from sawing... no... power drilling... no... hammering (!) you too hard.