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Eric Ripert's cheapest, awesomest meal ever

Assuming you're not hanging out with your rich, generous friend, you generally don't spend a lot of time at 10 Arts... until now. Introducing: Tailgate Tastes at 10 Arts, the Eric Ripert joint's new lounge-only combo where you get soft pretzel sticks, a burger, a beer, and a Belgian-waffle-hugged ice cream sandwich FOR 20 DOLLARS. Wondering exactly what your Andrew Jackson'll get you other than a win at the Battle of New Orleans? Read on

Snacks: Those aforementioned soft pretzel sticks? They're served warm, accompanied by housemade béchamel-based cheddar sauce, jalapeño dip, and medium-spiced Dijon mustard dipping pots, and -- unlike "Kill Ross" in your Friends-centric Kiss, Kill, Marry quiz -- they're not the only option. You can also go for a big bowl of caramel corn

Sliders: Taking a page out of Charlie O'Connell's dream journal, the TT package comes with a sliders duo, where you can pick between a mini pork jawn w/ jalapeño & Dijon, an aged brisket beef job w/ cheddar & wafer-thin half-sour pickle slices, and a fish burger of striped bass topped in saffron aioli

Sweet & Sudsy: For dessert, it's that big chunk of homemade vanilla or chocolate ice cream 'twixt two mini Belgian waffles; for liquid dessert, it's a bottle from their local brew rotation -- this week, it's Lager or Yard's Brawler, aka the reputation that got A-Jack on the $20 bill.