A new position for a Samar vet

An open orange-walled resto tastefully broken up by intricate lattice-screens and a column covered in tiny, modestly reflective tiles, Sutra's helmed by a Samar vet who wanted to move away from fiery currified fare in favor of Goan-influenced seafood like mussels Cataplana (poached in a tomato sauce w/ peppers, potatoes, and piquant piri piri seasoning) and Northern flavors like Lucknowi Dum Biryani (marinated lamb with basmati and saffron). The bar offers subcontinental creations like the Moksha (Bacardi Rock Coconut, cardamom powder, coconut milk, Frangelico) and the lavender-/pear-infused vodka Kama Sutra, whose sneaky potency will ensure you finally realize your life's goal: pulling off zero out of 77 ancient sexual positions.