Food & Drink

Here're the five biggest food stories of the year -- feast on it!

Cooking Lessons From John J. Goddard: While living and working as a chef in Croatia, Goddard became obsessed with traditional village methods of cooking with fire, then came back to the States pledging to pass his knowledge onto Portlanders...more

Via Tribunali: A longtime Emerald City favorite, Via's the only pizzeria in PDX certified by Italy's Associazione Pizzaiuoli Napoletani (untranslatable)...more

Farm to Fit: Farm combines PDX's ardent locavorism with a calorie-conscious home meal-delivery system devised by a much-lauded local chef to give you "more energy to pick up the ladies"...more

Enzo's Caffe: An eponymous eatery spawned in part by a long culinary journey involving monastery ovens in Puglia, Enzo's is a bright cafe/diner featuring handmade Italian everything...more

The Woodsman Tavern: Woodsman Tavern is a watering hole/ chow-hall boasting an epic raw bar, a super-rare charcoal-fired oven, tons of ham, classy 'tails, and rustically jazz-agey confines complete with exposed brick...more