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PDX's best chefs tell you where <em>they</em> eat

So you no longer have to choose where to eat based on your Facebook friends' photo collages of the "totes awesome Bloomin Onion @ Outback FTW ZOMG!", there's Chefs Feed, which taps 20+ of Portland's best chefs for recs on where they dine on other people's food.Said fatteners include Le Pigeon's Gabriel "No, I'm Not Hootie's Brother" Rucker, who recommends the "really amazing" traditional aebleskiver (rather than the cainskiver, presumably) from Broder; Olympic Provisions' own Abe Froman Elias Cario, who thinks Apizza Scholls' Margherita pie is the best in PDX; Beast mastermind Naomi Pomeroy, who suggests Little Bird's roasted marrow bones; and Andy Ricker, who really thinks you should eat a pork roll from Binh Minh Bakery.CF also lets you set up your own "Itinerary" and check off dishes you've already housed, and has a GPS-powered "Feed Me Now" feature that'll pinpoint the closest chef-endorsed restaurant so it doesn't STBY bc yur SOL, ROTFLMAO TTFN.