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Lauretta Jean's
American pie, plus French pastries

Baking up enough pies to make Don McLean write a rambling opus about them, Portland Farmers Market fave Lauretta Jean's has opened up a cozy, art-clad Division date spot where you can cram your pie hole with its namesake, and also some other pastries for good measure.

The rotating selection of fresh-baked pies're available whole or as slices, and run the gamut from sweet (blackberry/raspberry streusel or whiskey peach, who always falls off the edge of Rainbow Road), to savory (bacon- and cheese-intensive quiches), while things that are not in fact pies run from thick Hungarian mushroom soup, to all-day breakfast biscuit sandwiches, to the hubris-free "Best Grilled Cheese" with cheddar, piperade & arugula.

Since nothing shouts "drinking!!" like pastries and breakfast sandwiches, there's an ample selection of vino and champagne (both the regular kind and High Life), plus cocktails including hot rum & cider, and the Cat's Pajamas with tequila, Campari, grapefruit & champagne that'll have you rambling on about good old boys and borrowing coats from James Dean and other things that make very little sense.

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