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The Feast Goes On

Like orchids that attach themselves to boring trees, or Scott Disicks that attach themselves to Kardashians, things that piggyback off bigger deals can often be the best part. Starting this Thursday, Feast Portland's going to be delivering endless eating events -- like the Sandwich Invitational (Thurs), the Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting in Pioneer Square (Fri-Sat), and a Wine vs. Beer Cheese pairing event (Fri) in addition to demos and chef dinners -- but a few non-sanctioned events are popping up on the side to stuff you silly as well. Here's three that'd make you feel dumber than Rob Kardashian if you missed them:

Brasserie Montmartre/Pfriem Family Brewers: The spankin' new Hood River brewery's teaming up with downtown's French steak emporium for a Thursday five-courser that'll pair brews with andouille sausage, Alaskan cod, and roasted sirloin, which is pretty excited about the queen knighting it, even if it's just an honorary title at this point.Reserve your seat here

Pig Out: Just show up ticketless as pork lord Lardo joins forces with Double Mountain & Upright Brewing for a 9p-midnight parking-lot throwdown featuring beer-cooked swine, cheap suds, beer/ice cream floats by Sugar Cube and Salt & Straw, and boozy milkshakes that, damn right, are better than anything Kelis could bring to the yard

Pok Pok Lat Khao: Yes, that's superchef Andy Ricker's soon-to-be-third Pok spot on a three-block stretch of Division, and this first peek inside features a Thai dinner by an Aussie chef who owns a Michelin star that burns almost as bright as the man who once tweeted "Yeah, get more" to someone who asked "I just scored $500 to spend on clothes, any suggestions?”Get reservations right here, right now