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It's here to spice up Hollywood

Portland's Hollywood district has a lot in common with its Cali namesake, including film festivals, celebrity impersonators, and people who push TVs around in shopping carts. One thing that's eluded PDXwood, though, is authentic Mexican -- until now, because here comes Lorena's

The high-ceilinged, sun-drenched eatery is the Portland debut from a family of culinary traditionalists whose spicy fare is beloved in Bend; like there, the namesake matriarch personally trained all the PDX employees in the use of authentic Yucatan spices, as apparently the peninsula has more than one high-end adult programming network. Along with enchiladas, cochinita pibil, and other gringo-familiar fare, Lorena's menu is longer than 100 Years of Solitude, and will leave you with exactly that if you eat all her decadent seafood like crab-and-bacon-packed Camarones Apretalados, and a Chimichanga Jaroca with prawns, scallops, and crab cream sauce. On the breakfast end, huevos come sunny-side up on enchiladas or scrambled with beef & salsa, while desserts range from flan to the ice cream-/caramel-topped Chimichanga Manzana, or Apple Chimichanga, which is infinitely more popular than the Zune Chimichanga

Prices are low to begin with, but two daily happy hours basically cover almost the whole day (230-6p & 830-close) and feature $2 tacos, $5 quesadillas, mojitos, and 25oz Pacificos, plus $3.75 margs that go down so easy, if you aren't careful, you'll be the one getting pushed around in a shopping cart by a strikingly authentic Dean Martin impersonator.