A cut above... and below... and in the middle

If you have a nose and a tail and some stuff in between, you're in trouble, because Country Cat just unleashed its new Animal of the Week program. Every seven days, chef/ owner/ knife aficionado Adam Sappington will play an unhinged Noah by turning his kitchen into an Ark of deliciousness as he uses every part available -- shoulder, bones, heads, kidneys -- from an assortment of critters, while adding his own innovations to classic dishes he'll serve throughout the week

Lamb'll be on the menu through Sunday, giving Shari Lewis nightmares and the rest of us overactive salivary glands thanks to lamb bacon-wrapped peaches, meatballs w/ risotto, a "Flintstone Chop" with belly meat still attached, and a grilled leg with Lacy Potato Cake, also the garments favored by Irish burlesque dancers. Next week he's prepping pig, and while the menu's usually decided at the last minute by multiple chefs, dishes almost guaranteed to -- wait for it! -- make the cut include bacon, chops, a pork shoulder/ tomato stew, and porchetta di testa: a savory meat made from pig's face, so hopefully your date isn't a Squealer

The program'll obviously continue to incorporate different animals as it goes on, so get ready to see what the Cat cats can do with whole cows, goats, flocks of ducks, and pretty much any other animals that escaped Noah's clutches during his gluttonous sea cruise.