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Kenny & Zuke's plants an eastward flag

Having already staked their claim as one of the Westside's favorite delis, Kenny & Zuke's has ventured east and expanded your drinking/loxing options by opening Deli Bar in sunny N. Williams digs featuring retractable sliding garage doors, sidewalk seating, cocktails full of edible deli staples, and so much cured meat you'd think K&Z were barnyard faith healers. Amen

The sammies and bagels obviously remain, but there's an increased focus on bar eats like maple-glazed peanuts w/ bacon, neon-green deviled eggs, tater tot poutine w/ pastrami gravy, and a "Jewcuterie Board" with chopped liver, pastrami rillettes, mustard, and bagel dogs... mazel, dog! The huge, all-original cocktail menu reflects its deli heritage via a bloody w/ pastrami jerky, the chocolatey NY Flip w/ cognac, port & a whole raw egg, and a mezcal/ Combier/ lime concoction called the Grilled Peach, or what the cops in the Mushroom Kingdom did to Princess after Toad was run off Rainbow Road by a turtle shell.